Hi, How Are You? I’m Going to Live in Valencia Pt. 1

by David Davies on January 26, 2010

Hi everyone,

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My name is Alex. As of next week, I will have moved from my favourite place in the entire world, London (and that’s no joke) to Valencia for a few months abroad, pursuing my dreams and the sun.

As I go, I’ll be jotting down things I see, people I meet etc. I won’t actually be sticking them to paper – I’d need large sheets and it’s not cost-effective. Having said that, I might stick my oar in on a couple of free-to-enter competitions.

If you’re interested, you should follow my exploits on Twitter too, @bobdollop.

Anyway, as my mate once said to me, ‘Me dog could whistle cold air faster than’oo finish sentences.’

This goes out to Raoul Duke – I’m coming!


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