Hi, How Are You? I’m Going to Live in Valencia Pt. 3

by David Davies on March 28, 2010

Sorry for the delay guys, been partying! Fallas is Valencia’s biggest festival. It’s bigger than Christmas and lasts for four days, day and night. Fallas is all about big cork statues in the street (called Ninots) and fireworks. This video runs from midnight to two in the morning – and that’s just the start of the party!

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Hi, How Are You? I’m Going to Live in Valencia Pt. 1

by David Davies on January 26, 2010

Hi everyone,

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My name is Alex. As of next week, I will have moved from my favourite place in the entire world, London (and that’s no joke) to Valencia for a few months abroad, pursuing my dreams and the sun.

As I go, I’ll be jotting down things I see, people I meet etc. I won’t actually be sticking them to paper – I’d need large sheets and it’s not cost-effective. Having said that, I might stick my oar in on a couple of free-to-enter competitions.

If you’re interested, you should follow my exploits on Twitter too, @bobdollop.

Anyway, as my mate once said to me, ‘Me dog could whistle cold air faster than’oo finish sentences.’

This goes out to Raoul Duke – I’m coming!


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Using Twitter for your travels

by Mike CJDecember 27, 2009 Advice
Thumbnail image for Using Twitter for your travels

Twitter is emerging as a simply amazing tool for people who travel. You see, anyone running a blog relating to a destination is almost certainly on Twitter, and is equally certainly running a constant search for people using the name of their destination.
We run a travel blog all about Lanzarote, and we read every tweet [...]

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Nothing Toulouse: Part 5

by David DaviesDecember 21, 2009 Nothing Tolouse

Me and Gemma had heard there’d be a strike.
‘Over what?’ we asked Will.
‘What… just… agriculture?’
Quite what the strike entailed, nobody seemed to know, though apparently strikes in France are booked further in advance than Christmas holidays, because a full police presence mingled with no small amount of traffic re-routing ensured the day of the Agriculture [...]

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What To Do If You’re A Victim of Crime On Your Holiday

by Gareth CrewDecember 14, 2009 Advice

Being the victim of crime when you are in familiar surroundings is difficult enough. When you are abroad in a foreign country, it can be the factor that exacerbates an already very stressful and unpleasant situation. Tourists are an ideal target for thieves; 1 in 20 will be the victim of some sort of crime [...]

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Rail misery at Christmas in the UK

by Chas ParkerNovember 30, 2009 Advice

Time to go abroad?
If you’re thinking of travelling by rail over the festive period – think again!
Numerous part-closures of lines for engineering works are planned over the Christmas and New Year period, with work starting as early as Monday 21 December on some lines and carrying on until Sunday 3 January. Network Rail, which is [...]

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Nothing Toulouse: Part 4

by David DaviesNovember 26, 2009 Nothing Tolouse

There is one thing the French are particularly adept at: entitlement. The sound of a Frenchman in a traffic jam is the sound of a Frenchman leaning on his horn. Columns and columns of cars, a symphonic cacophony of irate indignation. The horns say: how dare I be kept waiting on this ring road, which, [...]

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And the winner is…..

by Gareth CrewNovember 20, 2009 Competition

Thank you all for your wonderful entries and votes on our happy competition! We’ve been beaming at the entrants, and cooing at the amount of votes we’ve received. You, the readers, are truly an amazing bunch of people.
And the winner? Well it was Justin, who won a rather impressive 49% of the votes cast. His [...]

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Travel guides

by Chas ParkerNovember 19, 2009 Entertainment

It’s very easy these days to research any place which you plan to visit. You just type the name of your intended destination into a search engine and everything is revealed. But before the advent of the internet we had to rely on printed travel guides, and these are still very popular.
We’re all familiar with [...]

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